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Easter egg hunt. Here’s Noah and Jonah with their cousins. It was a little rainy on easter. The rain didn’t slow them down at all. The older kids were nice enough to pass over the few eggs put by the door so Jonah could enjoy the egg hunt too. 

Easter egg hunt. Here’s Noah and Jonah with their cousins. It was a little rainy on easter. The rain didn’t slow them down at all. The older kids were nice enough to pass over the few eggs put by the door so Jonah could enjoy the egg hunt too. 

Jonahs Carrots

This is not how we left carrots for the Easter Bunny.  I will share Easter pics after the rest of the world gets up. Everyones still sleeping.  This is on Good Friday. I was feeding Jonah carrots and Noah thought he would take some and put them in the yard in case the Easter Bunny came by early. 

Sorry there’s no audio. Jonah ate the micraphone on my iPhone ;-)


Seriously Martha ?


Ok, so I can’t remember, do you put the easter grass out on the table before or after the easter bunny comes. Noah is really aware this year and  we are trying to get ready for tonight. I’ve been slammed in meetings all week and traveling so this morning at 6 is when I finally got around to doing my research. Today will be easter decorating day.

Where do you go when ya need an naswer to a weird question before the bookstores open? Internet… and I did. Anytime you enter “decorating” into the computer you can be guaranteed, no matter what the occasion, Martha Stewart is gonna come up.When she did, I thought I’d see what Martha did for Easter decorating. in disbelief I read through this site. Come on !! Who has time to do all this? and with kids? if you actually have children around, these decorations would be toast in  a matter of seconds. You’d find paper shred dings through the house, eggs shells all over the floor, little eye balls everywhere. 

I still didn’t find my answer. When do you put the grass out on the table? before the Easter bunny comes or does he leave the grass with the baskets. 

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Tough Weekend - Follow Up

After last weekends shows I did a blog about how tough the run was. Jonah was so fussy. When we got off the road he didn’t get any better. The day after we got home he woke up from a nap and sat on the TV room floor screaming. He didn’t want food. He didn’t want a bottle. Holding him didn’t sooth his. He screamed like crazy. He would sit indian style and then drop his head to the floor in front of him then roll over.  I told my husband something was wrong. He is a tough kid but this behavior he was displaying was not normal. I immediately called his doctor and got him an apt that day. I made a video of his behavior because the last time something was up, with him by the time I got him to the doctors, he seemed fine. When we got to the doctor, he checked him out and found that both of his ears were red and gave us a perscription for ear infections. Poor little guy. He’s feeling better now. Back to his fiesty little self. It’s good to know that his ears aren’t bothering him anymore. Thank God.

The Words of a Parent

Children have this blind trust in their parents. It is our responsibility to use our words to help guide them thrugh life. Teaching them. Encouraging them. Comforting them. What we say holds a lot of weight with our kids. I bet if you think about it, you can recite something your parents would always say to you. I remember my mom would say, “Jo, don’t help!”. I always used to try to help my mother and I always made whatever she was trying to get done, tougher.  I’d make a mess or get in the way. You know, the kid thing.  What we as parents say is the “truth” to our children. Well, it is when they are 1 and 4. 

Last night at dinner we had a surprise for Noah as desert.He had such a good day staying dry. He helped his Dad in the garden. He helped bring in groceries and did what we asked. It was an all around great day. His Dad shared a root beer with him the day before and I had asked Noah if he’d like to try a root beer float. I explained to him while it was and while we were at the grocery store today I bought the ingredients. The only catch was he had to eat his dinner first. As Noah was finishing up his meal he said, “I’m done, Mom. My tummy is full”. I asked if it was super full or just a little full. That’s when I learned how trusting a child is of their parents words. My husband chimed in and said “ya know, if you jump up and down, your food will go into your leg and you’ll have more room in your stomach.”  As funny as that sounds to adults, my son gave it a shot.

As parents of young kids, it is crucial to pay attention to how we word things whether we’re talking about something important or just joking.

He did have his root beer float and had enough room to finish the whole thing. 

Jonah is doing great w his walking. He always tries to carry things

A Visit By Dr Seuss

I don’t know why she thinks now is the time to begin this. Noah just turned 4. My mother seems to think its time for him to start knowing about verbs.  I say this because as soon as we got home from our last trip she came by to see the boys. After playing with Jonah a bit she went to sit with Noah while he played at the table with his Legos. I was in the TV room and I heard her say “Today I eat. Yesterday I ate. I am always eating. I have eaten” I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about so I paid closer attention to see if I could make sense of it.  Then I heard her say “Today I run.Yesterday I ran. I am always running. I have run”  OK, I wasn’t crazy. She wasn’t really talking to Noah. "Today I see. Yesterday I saw. I am always seeing. I have seen." "Today I drink. Yesterday I drank. I’m always drinking. I have drunk." I don’t even know if Noah realized what she was saying. He was totally engrosed in his Legos. This went on for a bit and then I entered the kitchen and asked her what she was doing. "Teaching him about verbs."  I don’t think he realized it. She hadn’t explained why she was talking in this strange way. She just starting doing it.  She continued on for another few phrases and I couldn’t help but laugh. It was like we were spending time with Dr Suess.  I wanted to just blurt out "I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam, I am."  But, she had good intentions.  I guess it’s never too young to start learning something new. Like Lucy Lu and  the blue goo. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.