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Baby Jonah Christopher

Well, I guess the baby “dropped”.  I went in for my weekly checkup yesterday and never made it home.  I hadn’t been feeling so good, as I mentioned in my last blog.  I told my Dr .  As it turned out, I had been in labor for a little over a day.  Contractions were now 3-5 minutes apart.  

It was supposed to be a routine check up.  My Dr told me to check into hospital across the street.  I said, “tomorrow?  Later today ?”  He said “Now”.  I had gone to my Drs directly following a photo shoot.  Full make up.  Tall boots.  The works.  I was so not planning on having a baby that afternoon.   I didn’t have my bag packed.  No camera, except for the one one my phone.  Nothing in preparation for having a baby.

They had me prepped, ready and it was 20 minutes from my husbands arrival until the delivery of the baby.   Jonah Christopher, 6lbs 13oz.  My husband held him first, like he did with our first son. It’s so beautiful to see.  Both boys look like their Dad. To adore someone so much, as I do my husband, and then to have your children look like him, I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing.

We got Noah out of school early for his little brothers arrival.  He was so excited.  He couldn’t wait to hold him.  Tonight, I am grateful.  God has blessed my husband and I with such a beautiful family.  

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